Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Why Performance Fabric Is Wonderful as Upholstery

Scientifically advanced performance fabric should be your upholstery of choice if you’re tired of stains and sun ruining furniture. These wonder fabrics take man-made fibers to the next level for colorfastness and overall durability. And thanks to this lab-perfected performance upholstery, cleanup after the inevitable spills that come with using living room furniture have never been easier to deal with. Just wipe it off and it’s like nothing happened. Here is a quick overview of these fabrics and their definite advantages. And luckily for you, American Furniture Galleries carries many living room sofas and other fine pieces clothed in this indestructible marvel.

performance fabric sofa chaise

How Performance Fabric Is Made

Unlike ordinary fabric dipped in a color, performance fabric, which begins as molten plastic, has its color put into it before it’s even turned into cloth fibers. That means the bright colors of your new upholstery or outdoor chaise go entirely into the fibers so they will never go away.

performance fabric outdoor umbrella

Why Performance Fabric Helps YOU!

When you get Nuvella or Sunbrella performance fabric for your living room upholstery or outdoor umbrella, you’re getting proven quality in both stainproofing and abrasion resistance. Plus, if you use performance fabric on your outdoor furniture or awning, the color NEVER fades in the sun’s relentless rays! Easy to clean, your performance fabric will give your household many years of flawless service.

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