Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Choosing Home Office Furniture Wisely

When you’re shopping for home office furniture thanks to ditching your hourlong highway commute, starting a new venture from home in the Internet age, or being able to receive clients or treat patients at home, choose wisely. Over the years we at American Furniture Galleries have helped (re)launch many successful careers that are now centered amid the comforts of home. Working in an environment you love isn’t a distraction; if you’re truly happy, you’re more productive! With that in mind, let’s consider the kind of office you need and the appropriate home office furniture to turn your dream of working independently into a wonderful reality. There are several design tricks that best accomplish this.

writing desk

Trim Writing Desks for Small Home Offices

First, for your ideal home office furniture, of course measure accurately. Use your yardstick or tape measure judiciously, writing down square footage so you’ll be better prepared when you shop online or visit our store. If your “cozy” space as described by the realtor turns out to be “cramped,” don’t panic. You too can have an awesome home office by thinking outside the box. How might you best pack all the storage you need into one compact piece of furniture? Fortunately for you there are small writing desks incorporating shelves below the desktop, perfect for parking your laptop and saving any receipts or other paperwork your job may accumulate.

hutch desk

Impressive Executive Desks and Accessories 

When your home office furniture is for a public-facing business such as your law or medical practice, consider a lovely traditional executive desk, made to impress. If you still need to economize on floor space, this is never a problem with one of our office desks with a handsome built-in hutch, presenting a dignified mantel-like appearance as well as boasting many drawers and storage cubbies.

No matter your home office furniture needs, our Sacramento,CA store is here to get you fitted out for less.