Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sofa-Less Living Room Ideas

What?! American Furniture Galleries is NOT trying to sell a certain piece of living room furniture? Yes and no. While the living room sofa will be an American mainstay till the end of time, we know very well that not every piece of furniture is for every home, even something as popular as the sofa. So from top New York designers by way of yours truly, here are some ways to get comfortable and shake up expectations by offering a novel living room arrangement with NO sofa.

 living room chair

All Chairs

This option is more inviting that it may seem at first. Living room chairs are every bit as comfortable as sofas and they take up less room. If armchairs seem to form a barrier, go with armless chairs such as the parts of a sectional; just get the pieces you want and you’ve got your anti-sofa.

 living room ottoman

Massive Ottomans

The humble living room ottoman has graduated in decor from a footrest to a piece of furniture in its own right. Considering 86ing both the living room sofa AND the coffee table in favor of two or three ginormous ottomans that wonderfully double as both chairs or tables as the need arises.

Floor Cushions, If They’re Thick Enough
Think something along the lines of the ’70s beanbag chair fad but lots more comfortable! Mattress-like floor cushions or poufs are a great seating alternative for smaller rooms, a pad on which to sit, eat, and even work! This option is great if you’re looking for something REALLY different.

Whatever your choice of living room furniture, from traditional to edgy, our Sacramento, CA store is here for you!