Friday, August 17, 2018

Design Ideas for Your Entertainment Room

Even in the age of hand-held electronic devices with streaming movies and shows, the TV room is still a main gathering place of many homes. It gives you the same immersive experience, a total escape, that going out to the movies used to, minus the rising ticket prices, the long lines at the concession stand, or the cola-and-popcorn muck on the floor! Many of you have invested a lot in the best big-screen TVs, maybe with enhanced sound and high definition. But often the question of how best to arrange this room, including entertainment furniture, is an afterthought, giving less than satisfactory results.

The good news is you need not be a design-school graduate to enjoy a first-class entertainment room. Here are some quick ideas to get you started on practical, livable interior design to make your TV viewing even more of a pleasure.

 Entertainment corner unit

Small TV Room Advice

Got a small space? That’s why furniture designers have come up with corner TV stands. That way, even those of us with little square footage to spare can get the most out of midsize screens.

Another increasingly popular approach in our era of multitasking is the opposite of the home cinema, the multipurpose TV room. Your TV stand or entertainment console can share space with a playroom or study nook. A similar novel idea is to put the guest space with the TV and stereo by adding a sleeper sofa or even a Murphy-style bed.

If you go this route, you might consider emphasizing the media area of your room through the artful use of contrast, such as subtly different colors for your TV corner.

Entertainment console

Try Creative Lighting

Adding a dimmer switch in a dedicated entertainment room enhances the theater effect of watching your big screen without the jarring effect of a bright TV amid total darkness. It helps you relax and “get into” the unfolding story on the tube and it’s better for your eyes!

 Entertainment center

Dominate a Wall with Your TV

If you’ve got ample space, sometimes the best design for your entertainment room is to have the screen and other media equipment command an entire wall in an entertainment center complete with TV stand, media towers with shelves, and “bridge” on top.

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