Friday, July 20, 2018

How to Choose a Cantilever Umbrella

One of the deluxe items of outdoor furniture on the market is the cantilever umbrella. Five-star hotels use these ingenious devices, which testifies to these umbrellas’ excellence. If you don’t want to hire a contractor to build a gazebo or pavilion, with the easy turn of a crank these are your sure thing for massive shelter on your patio or deck from the burning midsummer sun or, on the other hand, the sudden rain squalls the season is famous for. Today we’ll take a look at how cantilever umbrellas work and how to buy the best ones for your alfresco entertaining.

orange cantilever umbrella

What Is a Cantilever Umbrella?

You need not have an engineering background to appreciate cantilever umbrellas. The concept, like many great ones, is simple. The dictionary defines “cantilever” as a long beam, pole (mast), or girder fixed at one end, for example, a base pole or a wall, so the supporting structure is out of your way, off to the side, rather than in the center as with many kinds of patio furniture. The beam holding your outdoor umbrella safely carries its structural load to the base and the ground below. For free-standing umbrellas, this supporting pole is further secured by a weighted base, often using sand. The result is maximum shade on your deck or patio with no obstruction.

 octagonal cantilever umbrella

Which Cantilever Umbrella Is Right for You?

If you plan on using your deck or patio throughout the day, consider purchasing a free-standing rotating cantilever umbrella. These umbrellas can rotate 360 degrees so you can adjust them according to the sun’s position, moving the shade exactly where it’s needed. Some models feature a foot pedal for easy rotation. Consider the savings from one large rotating cantilever umbrella, which can do the work of two or more fixed patio umbrellas. If you prefer a wall-mounted umbrella, one with 180-degree rotation provides a similar benefit.

You have a choice of square or octagonal shapes. Common cantilever umbrella sizes range from 9 to 13 feet. Consider getting the largest one you can because it costs less per square foot.

Look for quality construction such as marine-grade heavy-gauge powdercoated aluminum or stainless steel as well as weatherproof material such as Nuvella performance fabric.
If your primary reason for having a deck umbrella is shade from the sun when it is low in the sky, say, for outdoor dinners, then a tilting cantilever umbrella is an excellent choice. In that case, you should position the umbrella’s base to the west so the umbrella is facing east. Tilting umbrellas are also useful if your main purpose is privacy from adjoining properties or the street.

 large cantilever patio umbrella

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