Friday, November 16, 2018

Reexamining Your Living Room: Power Lift Recliners to Sectional Sofas

And if there’s any particular room that should be reviewed regularly, it’s your living room.

As the hub of your day-to-day activities, your living room embodies you on those late weeknights and lazy Sunday afternoons. How you furnish this space then is about as crucial it gets, and warrants some serious thinking.  

Join us, as we explore our favorite pieces and collections of living room furniture—perfect for any home or apartment in Northern California.

 power lift recliner

The Power Lift Recliner: Ultra Comfortable Seating

Who doesn’t have fond memories of falling asleep on a best friend’s or grandparent’s reclining sofa? A brand new power lift recliner can be the throne of your living room, and the most comfortable seating in the house, in a style that complements the rest of your decor.

We enjoy the sensation of a leather recliner sofa, coupled with the dual motor capabilities of our latest selection. It’s amazing how much the simple touch of a button can relax you—converting your power lift recliner from slumbering station to upright upholstery in seconds.

 sleeper sofa

Readying Your Space for Overnighters: Sleeper Sofas

As far as versatility goes, there may be no other piece of living room upholstery quite like a sleeper sofa. Between the softness of its cushions and the plushness of its pillow backs, this piece of upholstery gives you thoroughly comfortable living room seating, and the reassurance that you’re always ready for family or friends.

After spending a few minutes on one of our queen sleeper sofas, you’ll be asking yourself how a pull-out could ever be so cozy. But recognize that living room furniture’s always evolving and American Furniture Galleries’ always on par.

 sectional sofa

The Classic Centerpiece: A Sectional Sofa Just for You

We can bet one thing: if you don’t already own a sectional sofa, you’ve probably flirted with the idea of purchasing one. Given how much structure a sectional sofa can bring to the living room, we don’t blame you at all.

Now throw some matched vinyl and thick padded arms into the mix, and you have a piece of living room decor that no one could possibly resist. We especially like sectional sofas that can then be paired with an accent ottoman or coffee table, redefining what you can do and how you feel at home.

Sample Our Living Room Decor In-Person
If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all your furnishing options, don’t sweat it. Here at American Furniture Galleries in Sacramento,CA, we’ll help you narrow down your selection, and come away with a great deal on brand-new living room decor.