Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Your Bedroom Decor Could Be Cooler: How We Approach It

If there’s a cardinal rule to decorating your bedroom, it’s as short and sweet as this: have lots of options. When customers visit American Furniture Galleries in Sacramento, CA, they get that as well as our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the best brands on the market. As we see it, designing the most personal space in your home is not something you should gloss over.

So without further ado, we’ll be discussing just some of the ways you can arrange the decor in your bedroom to maximize your sense of style and comfort, while respecting your wallet.

 queen panel bed

Where You Sleep Says Quite a Bit About You: Panel & Platform Beds Galore

It may happen that you own the softest and most luxurious mattress in existence. But if that mattress’s planted on the floor of your bedroom, what’s the point of it? You may think we’re exaggerating out of jest here, but we’re serious! The difference between a room with an upholstered platform bed and one without one is huge—both to you and your guests. By investing in a piece of bedroom decor like a poster or panel bed, you transform the look and feel of the space entirely. Instead of appearing harsh and minimalistic, your bedroom becomes calmer, more fashionable. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to wake up feeling a bit more sleek and stylish than we did the day before?

dresser with mirror

Your Bedroom Dresser & Mirror: Don Your Sharpest Look Yet

After discussing your bedframe and headboard, it only makes sense to touch on that other bedroom essential: your trusty dresser and mirror. Sure, you could hang all your clothing in your closet and call it a day, but why pass up the opportunity to decorate? A bedroom with a finely finished dresser wins itself plenty of praise; and there’s nothing quite like a modern mirror to illuminate and expand the dimensions of your space.    

 media chest

Stay Organized and Decorate Your Bedroom with a Media Chest

If you’re a savvy decorator, then you probably already know the secret to concealing all the unseemly wires and cables that power your electronics. In fact, it’s as simple as purchasing a media chest for your bedroom. Picture it: you get another polished piece of furniture that can matches the rest of your decor, and conveniently stores your TV, audio receiver, and all your other gadgets. When you’re ready to rearrange your bedroom decor, visit any of our stores in Sacramento, CA for expert advice and a great price.