Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Put Together the Perfect Kids’ Bedroom Set

When you are planning and buying for a child’s bedroom, you are investing in a precarious balance of function and style. Of course you’re shopping for durability because growing children are tough on furniture. One or more rambunctious youngsters will have you spending more to replace damaged pieces well ahead of your planning. Style has several aspects. Does the style of the furniture fit your home’s architecture and your overall design vision? It should also reflect your child’s unique personality and interests, be they a favorite color, a career field that captivates them, or a beloved TV show or movie. But beware: as kids develop, an over investment in a certain theme can backfire as the child outgrows it or it just becomes unhip. Plan wisely; think long-term.

Beds with Room to Grow

The primary piece in your child’s room of course is the bed. Here, expect to spend twice, first on a sturdy twin bed, your child’s first big-kid bed. Assuming normal wear and tear—and yes, your mom was right; jumping on the bed is very bad for the mattress and for your child’s safety!—your twin bed should last as needed, just before the first great growth spurt of adolescence.

As your child physically transforms into an adult, it’s time for the next big investment, a full bed. Not only is this much more comfortable for your developing teen, but this bed is great long-term for you as you can repurpose it for your guest bedroom once your youngster is living on his or her own.

An answer for many grateful parents is the storage bed, solving the onerous problem of where to put away clothes and toys. Make cleaning your child’s room a breeze, so much so that your child can easily pick up and stow things below the mattress case, making the room safer and clutter-free.

Kids' Storage Bed

Great Desks, Nightstands, and Dressers

There are so many great options for matching furniture for your kid’s room. Of course the desk is where your boy or girl will spend much time doing homework so make sure it seats him or her comfortably. Don’t forget a handy nightstand with a lamp for bedtime reading, and a mirrored dresser is just the thing for getting ready for school in the morning.

Kids' Wood and Metal Dresser

Fun Accents and Bedding

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you can customize your child’s room to fit his or her style with fun accents such as whimsical decorative pillows with everything from flowers to dogs, as well as bedding with anything from butterflies to planes to camo patterns to let your youngster’s imagination soar.

Dog Throw Pillow

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