Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tiny Dining Room? No Worries. Maximize!

If you have a traditional house with small dedicated rooms rather than a contemporary open floorplan, or making do in an apartment or duplex, you may seem stuck with a dining room smaller than you would have liked. How on earth can you comfortably entertain dinner guests when you barely have enough square feet for yourself and your stuff? We at American Furniture Galleries are fond of telling Greater Sacramento customers: when there is a will, there is a way.

small round dining table

Embrace Your Room’s Corners

This may seem counterintuitive to amateur decorators but our designer friends swear by it. To expand your space-challenged dining room, make full use of its corners. For example, try placing upholstered dining benches along each wall of the corner, then putting a smallish round or square dining table between them. We think it lends itself to a cool café look. And if you need to accommodate extra holiday guests for your meal, no problem. Just throw in a couple of nicely appointed dining chairs. If you happen to prefer a square table, smaller dining benches or stools are in order. Now you can complete your dining room’s bistro theme or any artistic statement you like with some well-chosen accent pieces, perhaps recalling a favorite food or a regional cuisine you love, from coq au vin to pasta with pungent pecorino! Sure, France or Italy, but what about India or Thailand? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Budget is never an issue at American Furniture Galleries.

dining side chair

Consider Folding Options

Maybe your home is so cramped that normally you can’t shoehorn in a dining table. If countertop eating doesn’t suit you, here’s more free designer advice. You might recall from old movies, TV, or Grandma’s house the old fold-up Murphy beds and ironing boards. Why not be clever with your dining table that way, putting it flush against the wall when not deployed? Voilà! Table space with room for three chairs of your choice.

upholstered dining room bench

Booth for Six?

If your kitchen happens to have a small nook off it, here’s an innovative dining room furniture solution. Make a big diner-style booth out of it! All it takes is an especially narrow dining room table and two banquettes or benches plus a side chair on the end facing out.

No what size space is your interior-design canvas, our Rancho Cordova, CA store and other Greater Sacramento locations have the dining room furniture you need at prices you’ll love.

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