Monday, November 13, 2017

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom Organization

Let’s face it, keeping your bedroom tidy is not always an easy task. Your clothing, linens, and accessories can quickly add up, and without sufficient storage space, a small bit of clutter can quickly turn into chaos. If you are struggling to tame an unruly bedroom, let our home furniture store lend a hand. At American Furniture Galleries, we have a fantastic selection of affordable bedroom storage solutions that perfectly combine form and function. With just a few furniture selections, you can upgrade your organization while also adding beauty to your décor.

Choose a Storage Bed

Sometimes people get the wrong impression when they hear the term “storage bed.” If the term conjures up images of a bed with clunky and obtrusive storage drawers, then allow us to change your mind. Our storage beds feature elegant silhouettes and fashionable designs that are guaranteed to complement your décor. We sell contemporary, traditional, and even transitional storage beds with discreet yet spacious drawers that provide ample room for your clothing and linens. You can even use a storage bed to organize your shoes and bedding. 

Purchase Bedside Storage

Oftentimes people overlook the benefits of a nightstand. Due to their small size, many people dismiss nightstands as furniture whose sole purpose is to display a lamp or an alarm clock. Instead of utilizing a nightstand simply as a bedside table, purchase a nightstand with significant storage capacity. At our home furniture store, we have a diverse collection of nightstands for sale that include great storage features including drawers, cabinets, and shelves. These versatile furniture pieces are perfect for those small items that might otherwise end up strewn across your bedroom floor, such as USB cables, books, or your cellphone.

Consider a Bedroom Chest

If your bedroom has limited closet space, chances are you won’t be able to fit your entire clothing collection in just one dresser. If buying a storage bed isn’t an option, or your clothing collection is significantly large, then you may want to consider pairing you dresser with a bedroom chest. While a bedroom chest offers just as much storage room as a dresser, it features a tall and thin design that takes up far less space. You can fit a bedroom chest in virtually any part of your room, even in a corner.

If you would like to give your bedroom an organizational makeover, visit American Furniture Galleries today. We can supply you with top quality bedroom furniture at prices you are sure to love. You can visit us in Rocklin, CA or at any one of our four furniture showrooms