Friday, November 10, 2017

Simple Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Furnishing a small bedroom can be tricky. When space is limited, finding room for a bed, storage furniture, and all your daily necessities can seem nearly impossible. Fortunately, at American Furniture Galleries, we have extensive bedroom furniture collection, with hundreds of products available for every size space. If you live in an apartment, a studio, or your bedroom simply has limited space to spare—don’t fret. With our simple tips and our sizable furniture collection, we will help you design a bedroom that is small in size but big on comfort and style.

Choose a Space-Saving Bed

When choosing a bed for a small bedroom, there are multiple ways to save space. If you are furnishing a bedroom for a single person, consider a Twin bed or a Full bed. While most adults often opt for a Queen size bed, Twin and Full beds actually provide more than enough space for any adult up to six feet tall. If you are on the taller side; however, or need a bed for two people, then a Queen bed or a King bed is definitely necessary. If you need a larger sleep surface, you can still save space by purchasing a multipurpose storage bed. Our storage beds feature front and side drawers perfect for storing your clothing and linens. A storage bed can actually eliminate the need for a big bulky dresser.

Think Vertical

Another great way to save space is to think vertically when choosing your bedroom storage furniture. In other words, opt for furniture pieces that are tall and thin, as opposed to low and wide. For example, a bedroom chest can provide the same amount of storage as a dresser, but it has a far thinner design that will help you to conserve space.

Enhance Your Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are a useful home furnishing because they play with natural light in a way that makes a room appear larger than it is. Even if you have a mirror on top of your dresser, consider placing addition decorative mirrors throughout the room. Decorative mirrors will add beauty to your room while also making it look more open and airy.

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